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Enterprise Learning

Develop Your Company’s Human Capital

Enterprise Learning Programs, offered jointly by NYU Tandon School of Engineering (formerly NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering) and the New York University School of Professional Studies, are designed to advance the expertise of professionals in business, management, and technology through graduate degree, advance certificate, undergraduate degree, and professional certificate programs tailored to meet the specific learning requirements of your organization.

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Offering Programs in

Biotechnology and Healthcare Management

Graduate degree and certificate programs in biotechnology and healthcare management keep professionals on the cusp of advancements—and best practices—in healthcare, research, and emerging technologies.

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Computer Science and Engineering

Computer science and engineering programs help expand professional expertise in rapidly advancing fields, including cybersecurity, information security, business and technology leadership, and more.

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Construction, Real Estate, and Urban Planning

Programs in real estate, construction, and urban planning keep professionals abreast of the latest trends in the building and planning industries and explore areas such as sustainable urban development, transportation planning, and environmental engineering.

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Master’s degree and certificate programs in engineering span the breadth and depth of the field—from chemical, civil, electrical, and industrial engineering to project management, clean energy usage, sustainability, and more.

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Finance and Risk Management

Our graduate programs and professional certificates in finance reflect the distinctive needs of individuals looking for the latest knowledge and most effective strategies to advance in their field and excel in their careers.

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Global Business Management

Graduate programs and professional certificates in global business management teach professionals the most effective practices and methodologies to navigate successfully in today’s international business environment.

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Information Technology Management

Information technology management programs provide professionals with in-depth knowledge of network and systems administration, Web development, database administration and development, and more.

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Programs in manufacturing address the professional need to increase productivity and profitability through the use of innovative strategies, tools, and technologies that address issues arising in engineering, quality control, cost-effectiveness, and project management.

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Marketing, Communications, and Digital Media

Graduate programs and professional certificates teach professionals leading-edge practices and strategies across a spectrum of fields, from public relations and publishing to digital media marketing and graphic communications management.

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Telecommunications programs empower professionals with the knowledge and skills required to design, deploy, and manage complex information networks and provide a comprehensive foundation of technologies and standards.

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